Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is probably one of the most popular and successful video games the human history has ever seen. GTA 5 provides you a most realistic city, where you can melee attacks, firearms, explosives to fight enemies, and navigate its world by running, jumping, swimming or using vehicles. For a game like GTA 5 there is no need for introduction. Experience it yourself!

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  • Price: Free
  • Version: varies-by-device
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer:Rockstar Games
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4.8 (1,190 votes)

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☞ Michael, Franklin, and Trevor

Michael is a 40-year-old ex-con who has an airhead daughter, an idle son, and an unfaithful wife. Franklin is a young gang banger from Los Santos. Trevor, a sociopath with bloodthirsty tendencies, used to sell drugs in the desert and murder rednecks. Each character has eight skills that show their ability in certain areas like shooting and driving.

☞ Play modes

The single-player mode enables players to control three characters: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. The three criminals' stories interconnect as they complete different missions. Some missions are completed by one character and others require two or three. Surprisingly, players can switch between characters to have unique fun.

☞ Realistic adventure

Whether in San Andreas open countryside area or in the fictional city of Los Santos, the world in this game is much larger than earlier settings in the former series. It gives you a world waiting to be explored without any boundaries and you will get the feeling you're playing in a real place.

Grand Theft Auto V

About cheat codes

Many believe in this: Winners never cheat and cheaters never win. But in Los Santos, your belief will be altered: it is a place the winners absolutely cheated and will continue to win again and again. I know many of you are looking for cheat codes, which enable you to be invincible, get any gun or car you like, clear your wanted level, and more incredible things which are beyond your imagination!

Following are some practical codes:

FUGITIVE - Increase wanted level

LAWYERUP - Decrease wanted level

PAINKILLER - Invincibility

TURTLE - Max health and armor

CATCHME - Run faster

GOTGILLS - Swim faster

FLOATER - Moon gravity

SNOWDAY - Slippery tires

TOOLUP - Get every weapon and ammo

SKYDIVE - Get a parachute

POWERUP - Recharge special abilities

DEADEYE - Slow motion aiming

Note: none these cheat codes work in GTA 5 Online, and there is no money cheat for instant cash.

Current problems and outrages of GTA 5 Online

Currently there are many problems reported with GTA 5 Online since its last relaunch. It is believed that the PC version of GTA 5 lies with Steam.

Matter that needs your attention

Parental Control Needed

As we all know, GTA 5 is a game of crime, violence, nudity, drug and alcohol abuse. And as it is, Grand Theft Auto V is M-rated. Therefore, for safety concerns, it's better to keep it away from kids or try it in person before introducing it to your kids.

No Official Mobile Version So Far

For fans who are so eager for a mobile version of GTA 5, so sorry to let you down. Currently GTA 5 can only be played on PC, XBOX and PS4. Unfortunately due to technical limitations (most of all hardware) there isn’t any official mobile version of GTA 5 released by Rockstar Games. If you really want to play GTA 5 on your cell phone, we provide you the APK file developed by a third party, which can satisfy your “desire”.


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